Frosty Patterns

by Irina Safronova and Valery Safronov


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Text Description

Ice spreading and cracking until it fades to reveal an abstract painting. The painting includes layers of overlapping blue, teal, white, and purple paint with light purple drips throughout.

Irina Safronova and Valery Safronov

Irina Safronova, aka Palirina, is an artist from Minsk, Belarus. Irina works in collage, assemblage, and mixed media on such topics as ecology, the latest technology, and man’s place in the future. In addition, she is an environmentalist and stylist.

Valery Safronov is the husband of the artist Palirina. He works in information technology and helps his wife with the animation of her paintings, bringing them to life.

The Safronov couple created a joint project “Artificial Intelligence. Why?” about the negative aspects of the total proliferation of Artificial Intelligence. The project consists of 12 physical and digitized mixed media collages (created by Irina) and 4 animated videos based on the collages (created by Valery).