Winter Constellation Oracle Cards

by Alexa Erdogan, Emily Olsen, and Skyla Lilly


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The “Winter Constellation Advent Deck” is an oracle deck designed to connect the mystery of the stars with the warmth and intent of human curiosity. Drawing inspiration from the design of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)* launched December 25, 2021, and its symbolism of humanity’s yearning for understanding, this deck hopes to instill the same spirit of connection and understanding through each card. 

The JWST uses a cluster of 18 hexagonal mirrors coated with a microscopically thin layer of gold, which improves their ability to reflect infrared light. The hexagonal space at the center of the cluster does not have a mirror, as the backplane, or the “spine” of the telescope, runs through it and supports the frame. 

Based on the hexagonal shape of JWST’s mirrors, the oracle cards below include a blank space at the middle of the deck’s layout to provide a similar point of support and grounding as the viewer reflects on the star cards and how they might inspire new ways of looking at things in their life on Earth. 

How to Use

Focus on a topic that weighs heavy on your mind or an element of your life that dominates your current curiosity. Click the image to reveal 3 cards and their interpretations.

Feel free to ruminate on them and let your instinct and intuition guide how you see the stars. Click the image again to reveal a new set of 3 cards.


Beehive ClusterThe Bees: Curiosity, fruitfulness/prosperity, hard work, commitment
CamelopardalisThe Giraffe: Foresight, ambition, perspective, mind over matter/head over heart
AurigaThe Charioteer: Self-control, discipline, cognition
PleiadesThe Seven Stars: Multitude, union, dancing, kinship, agriculture
MonocerosThe Unicorn: Focus, pointing towards a path, guidance, purity
HydrusThe Sea Snake: Determination, challenge, persistence, eternity
OrionThe Hunter: Ambition, focus, the ability to endure
EridanusThe Celestial River: Time, change, perseverance
Argo NavisThe Ship: Staying the course, navigating the unknown
Ursa Minor & MajorThe Bears: Strength, family, courage, protection
CassiopeiaThe Beautiful (but vain) Queen: Looking beyond the surface, examining beauty from different angles
GeminiThe Twins: Balance, teamwork, collaboration
DracoThe Dragon: Health, guardian, fortune, power
TaurusThe Bull: Strength, stubbornness, staying grounded
CetusThe Sea Monster: Rough waters, chaos, travel, community
PyxisThe Compass: Seeking guidance, strategy, wisdom
Canis Minor & MajorThe Dogs: Loyalty, cunning, speed
FornaxThe Furnace: Hearth, warmth, home

JWST* Note

The JWST launched on December 25, 2021 and represents an international collaboration among the European Space Agency (ESA), Canadian Space Agency (CSA), and NASA to view stars and other celestial objects too far for previous telescopes. While it is an exciting bridge into a clearer understanding of the universe, we would be remiss in not noting the controversy surrounding the name of the JWST. You can find more information on this topic here.

Alexa Erdogan

Alexa Erdogan is a scientist fascinated with the intersections between biology and outer space. They will soon be completing their graduate program in space systems engineering and plotting their own course towards the stars. In the meantime, though, they’ve picked up the fun and introspective activity of oracle card readings, which allow them to take a peek at how the stars might align while they’re still on Earth.

Emily Olsen

Emily Olsen is an arts professional living and working in New York City. Excited about outer space and storytelling, Emily is thrilled to have worked on this project with Alexa and Skyla to share the stories of constellations with others in ways that might resonate in their own lives.

Skyla Lilly

Skyla Lilly is a teacher and artist living in Brooklyn, NY. As a kid, they used to sneak out of bed to look at the stars, and the winter constellation Orion was the first they could find in the sky on their own. As an adult, they got an Orion tattoo so that the stars can continue to guide them even when the constellation is hidden below the horizon. Skyla hopes that these oracle cards are a fun way for people to reconnect with the stories hidden in the stars and see that light reflected in themselves.